UPDATE; Click here... {Opens new window, to learn how you can SURVIVE everything from [CME] Coronal Mass Ejections or Electromagnetic Pulse [EPM] Attacks - compounding all the social unrest worldwide... The difference between life & death, in preparation NOT if, but WHEN IT HAPPENS!!! 

Here's short term solutions you may not have thought of... already in your home. WATER is the MOST important supply YOU NEED, and how to replenish... PREVIEW

#1. Your hot water tank is a large source for short term - with 50 to 100 gallons in the average home, and of course your bathtub is good added storage AFTER the power goes out - since you won't be able to bathe without power - cloth washing yourself, and sparingly will be a must! Also if you have a waterbed mattress - you would need purifying water tablets or life-straw for the later.

While in winter zones - you will have no shortage of snow to melt & stock, provided you have a large supply of tea lights/candles for heat, cooking & boiling water in cans etc. Search ideas for that on {youtube}...imagine that - short of propane heaters or portable solar generators ultimately to keep you alive! In warm climates, you will have to stock pile as much water as possible with rain barrels, and or store bought in advance - you cannot have too much water! If you live by a fresh water lake run off or deep well... GOOD FOR YOU!!! But... you still need to purify lake, river, creek or well water from  parasites and ground contaminants and heavy metals, so have plenty of purifying drops/tablets or life straws, charcoal filtration systems!

#2. Food storage - Canned goods last 20 to 50 years! Dry goods or freeze dried, jerky, vacuum packed food, stored in a cool dry place, sealed inside plastic buckets or suitcases 10 to 20 years^. The choice is yours to make^ think outside the box {pun intended, keep critters at bay!

#3. To protect your electronics, in the event of a CME Solar Flare or EMP Attack, obviously you won't know until it happens - so it's wise to have back-up devices stored in a Faraday Cage. 

Here's some easy cheap ways to protect electronics; A metal garbage can - lined with cardboard, and tight lid... or an old fridge or freezer you no longer use or buy one at garage sales or 2nd hand appliance store/or classifieds - unplugged, and put your shortwave or ham radios, flashlights, solar chargers & batteries, basic electronic survival supplies inside - seal doors with metal conducting {duct tape} after the fact! Smaller devices,  can be bubble wrapped, then wrap in tinfoil, go ahead laugh it up trolls! haha...Actually, 'Aluminum foil' is the correct term^ while tinfoil went out with the 70's!

Sincerely, ~C+
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