Media Reality

You will not believe this^^^^

The controllers of the world have taken the {strict parent role} with you without asking. 

This information has been kept from all of us and it is the secret party the grown ups have been at after we are put to bed. It is being held from you with one hand while the other holds the top of your head back so you cant reach it.

The 97 percentile is controlled by 3 percent, covertly mind controlled! 

You are 1% of the 97% that will even see this page. We have broken their rules, here you go! We had to decide how to handle such information, should we make it available or should we keep it hidden?

Justify learning just a couple tips on improving your influence, but instead you are getting what we believe to be the most powerful covert hypnotic mind control method that anyone can 26 pages. Read more; Click here


I present the conspiracy facts, you draw your own conclusions!