"How to survive solar storm flares long term power outages beyond 2013."

What will you do when the lights go out?! 'Solar Max' Solutions for both short and long term power outages.

Here is a brief overview of; "How to survive a long term power outage"
Un-interruptible Power Supplies: Often referred to simply as a UPS. Widely used in many homes and offices to prevent computer data loss during a "long term power outage", a UPS will provide AC power from a battery for a limited amount of time. Very handy for periodically running Laptops or more importantly, they can also be used to run low wattage 'Flashlights, Radio's indefinitely!

UPS supplies usually run $50-1500. depending on the size of the battery in the unit. A useful investment, a UPS will be useful every day for protecting your laptops, pcs, cell phones, and other sensitive electronics.

"Generator: gasoline or butane powered generator" Simply isn’t practical or possible to keep systems powered by a fuel generator due to fuel cost and other necessities, Unless you own BP haha not funny!
Generators are buyable at hardware stores or via online vendors. However, "Portable solar & automotive power supply units" are the way to go for long term! See most popular units; Click Here

These nifty items are usually sold for cars, and often have a built in jump-start capability, tire inflator, emergency radio, or some combination thereof. Although, many also have AC plugs and function identically to a UPS. Their usefulness during hurricane or thunderstorm power outages, will power {pardon the pun} rechargable batteries via pportable solar panel chargers. Portable power supplies can be bought from Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire etc. for $100. auto emergencies, and have seen them for sale in other warehouse departments and at hardware stores, also found online.

Solar trickle charger: a small solar panel that trickle charges up to 12 volt batteries. Use this to charge your portable power supply, an extra car battery can be useful too. Best $20 purchase I’ve ever made, and they can be found from specialty battery/electronics vendors, again also online, click here.

Automobile power inverter: This 200 watt inverter for the car (I like electronics, can you tell?) can be used indefinitely, by attaching it to a spare car battery. Inverters of various wattages can be had in the automotive section of any department store, and cost $20-100, depending upon the output wattage...

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