"Beyond Prophecy, Facts vs Fiction, In The Age of Aquarius"

"Facts vs Fiction"

'2012' raised a lot of controversy from every corner of the earth... One thing is guaranteed; 2012 was nothing like the y2k scam! After years of research from reliable & reputable sources, this blog is devoted to separating the hype from reality, giving you the information you needed to move forward from this day on, "Into the age of Aquarius"... NOW HERE!

This Video;  Aquarius - Age Of Evil, with closing comments by the late; William [Bill Cooper] Well known radio host on documented truth. His full interview from 1998 with Alex Jones of Infowars.com fame can be viewed below this Mini Documentary, just 6 minutes puts everything concerning our future into perspective. BOOKMARK to see updates @ CVMCo.WordPress.com
To see the full 2 hour 18 minute Documentary by 'Keith Thompson' presented by 'CVMCo88' Click here for full version *Aquarius - Age Of Evil.

45 MINUTES WITH BILL COOPER * R.I.P. 1943 to 2001
"Milton William Cooper: Naval Intell turned Radio Host 2 min"Bio; Click Here
I'm not going to tell you that everything is going to be alright, or [the world is going to end. Nobody can say definitely, what will happen. However, we do know our sun is going to align with the center of our [milky way galaxy] precisely on that day [21,12,2012], a rare event that occurs once every 26,000 thousand years! Verified by any number of world renowned scientists, including NASA, and videos here-in. However, it does not take a "Rocket Scientist" to figure out we are living in highly volatile times in the near future, the on-going tensions in the middle east, from Russia to China, to the U.S. of A. World War III could erupt any time with numerous triggers worldwide. 

Armageddon looming
Whether you believe "The New Age" predictions or The Bible etc. Current world state of affairs, ancient texts, cultures around the globe, PROVES this is NO y2k hoax! "BE PREPARED"  it is either the end as we know it or new beginning, or both^ open your minds eye, to the facts! Look no further than the blackout of 2003, that effected the entire eastern seaboard for ONLY 2 DAYS, affected millions+ in Ontario Canada & 8 Eastern States! What happened during that SHORT PERIOD?! Food & Water Shortage, Countless Casualties etc, etc. That is recent historical FACT... Not to mention Katrina^ were people prepared for that? NO! There's not much else to do BUT BE PREPARED Spiritually & Physically to either {die or survive} as NEW AGE PIONEERS... or OLD AGE HAS BEENS. We owe a lot to the likes of Bill Cooper R.I.P. and those who expose the truth... our fate will be revealed in due time.

Sincerely, Christian Vicars of CVMCo.