"Top 10 Survival" Needs...

Top 10 Things To Have In Your Crisis Shelter... assuming you have a shelter to begin with, for friends and family... preferably below ground level and fortified! 

1) Dependable air supply and filters. 2) Water!! 3) Food Reserves. 

4) Sanitation Necessities. 5) Communication Systems, windup radio, light generator .

6) Emergency Exit Plan to Leave the Shelter and the Area. 7) Self Defense Tools. 

8 First Aid Supplies. 9) Batteries! and lots of them. All protected in a faraday cage^ 

10) Things to keep people occupied. Music, Cards and dice, small games to play is good.
Bibles, or books to read. Chores and duties, plan for peoples / loved ones comfort. 

Fighting boredom may be your biggest challenge in such restricted conditions. However, conditions are something we may NOT HAVE any choice to deal with in the very near future! So the choice is ultimately YOURS... whether to be prepared for the worst or suffer the consequences of weeks, months or even years, as a result of natural / un-natural or deliberate disasters in times of CRISIS^ when the banks, and grocery stores close indefinitely! 

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