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Yes it is tragic to lose a talent prematurely under questionable circumstances surrounding Robin Williams, who brought so many smiles & laughter to people worldwide, but when I see this story trumping the thousands of innocent Christians, young & old being slaughtered, beheaded, as reported live by Rick Wiles of TRUNEWS Aug.8/2014, Interview Click Here to Hear Anglican & Iraqi Christians, trapped on a mountain side, telling of Children being split in half, fingers being chopped off for jewelry by ALQ-ISIS {one in the same rebels funded by U$A... gives me for one - pause for thought, and perhaps drives the point home^ and contributed to Robin Williams alleged suicide...

Yes it's also sad that legendary actress Lauren Bacall at age 89 passed on after a full life, and ex of Late
legend Humphrey Bogart, who's controversial relationship with her at age 19 when he was in his 40's turned a few heads, but what about the heads of Christians being stuck on posts for display from here to kingdom come, when these search terms are in the top 3 on google trends over & above these atrocities on humanity... I guess Christians just aren't trendy enough, being the oldest remaining group of Christians in IRAQ are now all but exterminated from the face of earth, as ALQ-ISIS is working on the U$A next & now...


PS as of this post - is perhaps the saddest facts of all!

Robin Williams10,000,000+ searches 
 Lauren Bacall1,000,000+ searches

 Meteor Shower100,000+ searches MAYBE THE SKY IS FALLING - C+