Bad News, Good News I Hopi

Well here's the bad news, followed by good news for a change, I Hopi it's true;-]

Here's a portion of the 2 part interviews on the threat of EMPs, prior to the Hopi good news. With ever increasing threats of 3rd world war, Fukushima radiation fallout, financial collapse around the globe. History professor William R. Forstchen discussed the potential damage rendered by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) EMPs from both militarily triggered, to solar flare blasts from the Sun, and Political unrest worldwide. Perhaps we as a global community are in fact due for a change?!

Now according to Hopi Indian Prophecy we {Global Society} have chosen the *1 hearted path, which is a good thing opposed to the 2 hearted path, as foretold by Prophecy Rock and adopted messenger Kymberlee Ruff} Cherokee by ethnicity, she explains the many facets of the Hopi Tradition combined with Tibetan History. Compliments of George Noory; Full 2 part interview below...