How to Prepare for the Food Crisis, Food Riots, Food Shortages... Stock up on Food Supplies on any budget!

Skills you need to survive the pending food crisis on any budget^

You need only to look at the devastating affects that Hurricane Katrina had on the people of New Orleans and beyond... or more recently the ongoing Nuclear threat of Fukushima in Japan, vast food shortages from the Tsunami catastrophy^ but a Food crisis in America? Yes, more than a possibility... Food riots in the streets could happen literally over night! When the grocery shelves go empty - stores close!

When you consider that super markets, grocery stores, or food marts, suppliers, keep on average 2 or 3 days of food supplies, food stock on hand, it's not surprising when any type of local or national emergency strikes from extreme weather conditions, or un-natural acts of terrorism, war etc. food supplies disappear fast!